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Coming soon! As Gina continues to try and come to grips with her newly gained weight, she begins to fathom how the liquid thrown on her could have caused it and falling back on her college biology class les...s, she thinks she knows how... but the truth only opens up more questions. Meanwhile, Lucy tries to cope with discovering Colin has an immensly immensely huge dick... though she doesn't want to believe his story about the fat woman and her infamous liquid tossing... so she decides to examine him closer, but what she discovers isn't nearly what she was expecting... but it isn't necessarily something she doesn't like nor want either... a fact which both disturbs and entices her. And last but no least, something happens at the motel with Theresa that nobody is likely to see coming. Bellies and big dicks abound! Another installment of the twisted series from O.Mad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 12/03/2014
Type of content:[VIDEO 05:41 MIN]

Coming soon! While their attempt was less than successful, Bob and Jerry were still able to salvage their operation by obtaining the famed General, the head of security for the complex at which Catherine was located. Having promised to Jerry that she has vital information for Catherine, he has, reluctantly, agreed to bring her back to the apartment. Upon arrival, however, Catherine was less than pleased that her orders were not followed but she still wants to question the new arrival. Alone. In her room. Story & Art by AUDITOR OF REALITY.
Date: 11/29/2014
Type of content:[VIDEO 06:17 MIN]

We backtrack a bit to the moments just before Tiffany sprayed the store clerk with Bushe's serum... and find out that there was someone else in the store with them... a horndog of a punk named Colin and in the aftermath, he inadvertantly tries to help the clerk clean off the serum from her belly... getting it all over his own hands in the process. Guess what he does after that? Let's just say his pants can't contain what develops and it leaves him in a particularly uncomfortable predicament. Oh, and the clerk gets a taste of her own medicine with the serum takes hold on her too! And last but not least, Tiffany and her gang finally make it to a motel and she decides to do a little digging on the internet to see if she can find out what the serum really is and how it works. What she finds is not only the answers to her questions... but now she's learned far more than she bargained for! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 11/25/2014
Type of content:[VIDEO 06:05 MIN]
Views: 517Votes: 31
HD Downloads: 18

Tiffany has the clothes... and a gun... and she's heading back to the abandoned office where the rest of her entourage are held up... but what she runs into in the hall is a sight that blows her mind and maybe wets her panties a bit too! Cue light saber duel music! Hah! And finally we get back to Howell Clinic where Miranda is about to get away... but not with some much needed help from MIB number twenty seven... and his handy, dandy assistant, Gunny Hammond and his assault rifle. Not a good day to work for Howell. And last but no least, when Tiff tries to buy herself a rea...able sized shirt to hide her new girth, a run-in with a prissy store clerk will not end well... at least for the clerk! Not a good day to fuck with Tiffany either apparently! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 11/21/2014
Type of content:[VIDEO 05:29 MIN]
Views: 807Votes: 40
HD Downloads: 38

The nasty threesome at the Connor house continues and Penny finds herself partaking in some stinky dick and some titty milk! Stinky dick?? Yeah, I said it... and if you like dicks in back doors... this episode may just be for you! Up close and nasty anal action! Meanwhile, Nora continues her phone call with the boss... whom we'll learn the identity of... and it may just not be who you suspected! And last but certainly not least, Maddie and Mickey get it on again... in a couch bouncing good time! More dirty-dirty from Omad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 11/17/2014
Type of content:[VIDEO 04:53 MIN]
Views: 1135Votes: 46
HD Downloads: 49

In the backroom of the mall, Tiffany and Theresa try to figure out what to do. Meanwhile, Doris' plane has finally landed and she's in Florida? Miami to be precise. And guess who she's going to meet with? It's cross-over time! Remnants of the cast from THE EYELAND PROJECT finally make their way into FALL OF INNOCENCE with appearances of Blue and everyone's favorite Guild villain, Coleman Pierce. Things take an interesting turn for Sophie and Doris both... and we learn the origins of the "Skin Trade" project spoken of in Malevolent Intentions. Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 11/13/2014
Type of content:[VIDEO 05:41 MIN]
Views: 1198Votes: 43
HD Downloads: 46

Penny has gotten a taste of a little bit of feel-good juice and before she realizes what she's doing, her visit to Kelly's house turns into a wild threesome... and for once Kelly isn't filming it for her husband... but someone else is! Meanwhile just as things were about to get threesome-y at the cabin, Nora gets an urgent demand to come up to the office and is ...d to abandon the situation with Maddie and Mickey... at least for the moment... but left alone for the first time in three weeks... Maddie decides to talk with Mickey and as usual the talking leads to something else. Meanwhile, up at the office, Nora learns her secretive boss is on the phone and things are about to take a seriously twisted turn. More sexual mayhem from the perverted mind of OMad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 11/09/2014
Type of content:[VIDEO 04:53 MIN]
Views: 1405Votes: 56
HD Downloads: 72

After the duel it is found out that nobody is allowed to leave the academy for the time being. Naturally, this peaks the curiosity of our daring hero and he makes it his mission to find out what is happening. Is there something looming over the academy? Does it come from outside or is it already inside the academy walls? Why has he not seen his bosses for so long? Where are they? Are they in trouble? Has the map fallen into wrong hands? Why is everyone breaking urns? None of those questions are answered in this episode, but there’s anal sex and that's always good, right? Story & Art by AUDITOR OF REALITY.
Date: 11/05/2014
Type of content:[VIDEO 06:17 MIN]
Views: 801Votes: 30
HD Downloads: 31

When Doctor Werner meets with Elizabeth from the Corporate Ladder... sparks fly! And no I'm not talking about the hostile kind... no sir... is it love at first sight? Probably more like lust, but whatever... needless to say, the two got chummy very quickly in the previous episode and the good doctor ended up accepting her offer to help her take over the Howell Clinic. The problem with that... is the Men In Black expressly warned him against this... and they are NOT happy about it. Meanwhile, everyone's favorite pregnant slut nurse ain't near done with getting her semen sample and she knows how to get what she wants! If you like a little anal action... this episode is for you! It's a finger poking, cum squirting, pregnant with a hermaphrodite fiesta! Did I really just say that? Yeah I did... enjoy the new funk from O.Mad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 11/01/2014
Type of content:[VIDEO 05:29 MIN]
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As Penny watches Kelly's home videos, she begins to understand just exactly what it is she's stum... into and it's quite a bit more than just a dirty minded housewife. There's far more going on beneath the surface at The Hills, than just naked hippies running living life. Something sinister is at play and while Penny senses it, she's too overwhelmed with the prospect of sex and a nice house to put too much thought into figuring it out. Probably such can be said about most of the other residents... but someone is filming the Connors household... and it isn't just Kelly. Maybe the houses are so cheap for a rea...!?? More diabolical and nasty stuff from the twisted mind of OMad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 10/28/2014
Type of content:[VIDEO 04:53 MIN]
Views: 1735Votes: 60
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