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In a bid to retrieve Theresa and Terry from the Mall in the wake of their naked foray after Doris dropped a bead on the bad guy, Tiffany and Tony set out to get a taxi, but with little to no clothes that still fit, Tiffany's fat ass looks like a prostitute standing on the street corner and their wait for transport becomes an almost endless effort... at least until one female cabbie finally stops because she thinks Tiffany is pregnant! Things get wild during the ride though when the effects of Tiffany dumping the enlargement chemical all over herself finally starts to show... but the cabbie isn't freaked out... no, no, quite the opposite. Meanwhile, Miranda and Mary make their way through the Howell clinic looking for a door... both leaving a trail of trouble behind them... and Observer Two Seven might be helping them. More titanic cock action from O.Mad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 08/02/2014
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Doctor Werner is enjoying some face to crotch time... but old man Bannion calls and interupts his tryst with Liz leaving her a bit preoccupied. It seems the old man has discovered a secret lies within the walls of Howell and he's set her on a mission to find it. Meanwhile, someone shows up at Annie's door and it's not who the fuck you expect! And what starts out as an innocent act quickly twists into something debauched and deviant and perhaps even criminal! And last but not least, we find out finally, just who Margie actually works for... as well as something else about her! Read closely or you might miss it! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 05/12/2015
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A new series set in a dystopian future and following the exploits and misadventures of a band of misfits who have no memory of anything prior to waking up in this bleak and desolate world. First episode follows the, now rehearsed, process of a new per... waking up in this terrible future. From the initial shock to blind trust in the first per... who seems to have some, or any, answers. Our hero doesn't know where he is or how he got there or even who he is but when a random passerby tells him his life is in danger unless he hops on her motorcycle he goes with his gut feeling and decides to trust her. Still dazed and confused from his, alleged, rescue he tries to come to terms with what's going on in this strange world with these strange people. Story & Art by AUDITOR OF REALITY.
Date: 03/29/2016
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At long last, we return to Raymond Phillips and his strange story of porn and trouble. We pick up where we last left off... but things are about to take a rough turn for one character and details from Ray's past will finally get revealed to him... details that may explain a lot more than he suspected... and details which will remind him of other bits from his sordid past... a past that we'll skip back into. Yes, we'll finally find out what became of Chloe from the original series... as well as the rea...s that Ray left home to start with. Oh, and last but not least... don't mess with Tom's beef curtains! Bon-chika-bon-bon! Story & Art by JAG27.
Date: 05/23/2008
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Catherine needs an army but what she has is one general and two guards. So, considering she can't really go out and recruit people to her cause, the only thing left to do is turn what she already has into an army. Starting with Jerry. The smaller member of the wisecracking duo is the first to volunteer for the procedure that changed Catherine and the general into one woman armies. An incredibly risky procedure that he may not survive and even if he did, there may be some unforeseen side-effects that none of them counted on... Story & Art by AUDITOR OF REALITY.
Date: 11/07/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 06:17 MIN]
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Doctor Carl Ryder begins to notice things are not what they seem as his life begins to spiral into a bizarre tailspin. His boss, too, begins to suspect something is awry as minute physical changes begin to manifest in Cathy. Can one man's love overcome the lecherous lust which grows inside of him? We grow closer to the truth behind the Langsuir even as young Cathy is swallowed by it's abominable evil... Story & Art by JAG27.
Date: 04/18/2003
Type of content:[VIDEO 13:41 MIN]
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Having heard Vanessa's story of her first sexual encounter with Simon in the previous episode, we now get a glimpse at Susan's REAL, first time experience with Simon. And like Vanessa's it's not all it's cracked up to be... at least not yet. Things will be taking a serious twist in upcoming episodes. Meanwhile we also catch a little bit of Doctor Evans before she became a jail bird. For those of you who like glory hole action... all I can say is watch out for splinters. Enjoy! Story & Art by JAG27.
Date: 03/26/2011
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Graciela is fed up... her soon to be husband Hector left her broke and pregnant... with promises of a better life in the states. The only problem is that she hasn't heard from him since he left. She has a sick feeling that something has gone wrong, so she decides to take a trip of her own. Little does she know how difficult Crossing Over truly is...
Date: 07/20/2008
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Anita goes to Maureen for a discussion on Eddie and all things deviant in their neighborhood... but the conversation moves into uncharted territory when Maureen decides to fuck with her a little... and she uses Eddie to blow more than just the other woman's mind. Later, Kerry discovers what Anita has been up to in the basement and ends up having a little frollick time of her own. And last but not least, Maureen learns how ...dra is getting fat so quickly and the method begins to spread. Book 2 is coming soon! Story by MARQUIS FACADE.
Date: 05/23/2013
Type of content:[STORY # 59 PAGES]
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Scion takes his new friend to meet the queen of the court who may have an answer to his troubles with Lady Winter. A special tonic that nobody is really sure what it does, but it may not explode, so that's something. What we do know is that mixing it with wine has some... interesting consequences that allow the servant to finally have his revenge on the cruel mistress. He fucks her, a lot, in case that was too subtle. Join us in the fourth episode of Legacy and see the fall of Lady Winter. Story & Art by AUDITOR OF REALITY.
Date: 06/07/2013
Type of content:[VIDEO 06:17 MIN]
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