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Brenda, after a more than odd night with Scott, has to rise and shine at daybreak to begin interviews for a new pregnant dancer for the bar... but all fall short save one... and while she's not the best looking applicant... the bitch can sure pole-dance like a pro. All seems well till Lenora, a fat, nymphomaniacal bartender shows up looking for work too. One thing leads to another and the next thing we know, the bartender is topless! How the hell did that happen? Read and find out! More seriously weird and crazy sex antics from the twisted and deviant mind of Otto Maddox! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
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Angela and Kelly are two dumb chicks standing in front of an old store that was closed long-long ago. They know that it had been a Mr. Ridley, Ronny'd been his name, either magician or conjurer, or even occultist who had owned the shop. They decide to explore the depths of the store's basement... the owner, Mr. Ridley, died 47 years ago, but his spirit is alive and is full of canty, cool, unexpected... desires of the flesh. Story & Art by JAG27.
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When Nora confronts Penny about her missing box of donuts... the conversation quickly shifts from junkfood to Mickey and Penny ends up revealing what happened the night before when Mickey had a wet dream. But to Penny's discomfort, she learns that not only is Nora not shocked... but is downright impressed with the situation and ends up all but promoting Penny's efforts. Later, Penny returns to the cabin and accidently walks in on Mickey... dick deep in Maddie's pussy! How will she react? Strap in for a bit more dirty-dirty from the twisted mind of Ottomad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
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Penny has gotten a taste of a little bit of feel-good juice and before she realizes what she's doing, her visit to Kelly's house turns into a wild threesome... and for once Kelly isn't filming it for her husband... but someone else is! Meanwhile just as things were about to get threesome-y at the cabin, Nora gets an urgent demand to come up to the office and is ...d to abandon the situation with Maddie and Mickey... at least for the moment... but left alone for the first time in three weeks... Maddie decides to talk with Mickey and as usual the talking leads to something else. Meanwhile, up at the office, Nora learns her secretive boss is on the phone and things are about to take a seriously twisted turn. More sexual mayhem from the perverted mind of OMad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
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The nasty threesome at the Connor house continues and Penny finds herself partaking in some stinky dick and some titty milk! Stinky dick?? Yeah, I said it... and if you like dicks in back doors... this episode may just be for you! Up close and nasty anal action! Meanwhile, Nora continues her phone call with the boss... whom we'll learn the identity of... and it may just not be who you suspected! And last but certainly not least, Maddie and Mickey get it on again... in a couch bouncing good time! More dirty-dirty from Omad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
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Mickey and Maddie decide to make things easy on Penny by simply stripping down and heading into the resort before she and Nora return, but when Mickey drops his pants, Maddie's interests take a dramatic turn, and when they eventually make their way to Nora's cabin, Penny gets a little more than just an eye-full! And Nora doesn't seem to mind matters at all and it becomes obvious that neither does Penny! More bushy nudist colony fun from Otto Maddox! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
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Mary finds herself unable to leave the Howell Clinic... and to make matters worse, she appears to have a rather odd host who seems obsessed with the fact that she and Miranda are descendents of the Neue Rasse experiment. And in order to prove it, he's willing to go to great lengths... or sizes, as it may be! Meanwhile, Tiffany finally gets busy with Tony and Terry takes a tour of the photo studio with Theresa. But wait... is that the mysterious man in black from Malevolent Intentions? Maybe... maybe not. But someone makes a phone call to Harold and alerts him to what's going down at the clinic. Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
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Brenda's real story continues and we learn that her first foray with Scott was fueled by ... a bit more than it should have been. Now nervous to do anything else with him, she seeks to avoid spending time with him. But when she ends up in a deep discussion with her new hire, Lenora... she ends up admitting her secrets and deciding to try a different path with Scott. But meantime, Scott has a run-in with pregnant stripper, Carla... and things get rowdy real fast! Cue the bon-chicka-bon-bon cheesy porn music, please! Nasty pregnant nookie from Otto Maddox! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
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After Penny walks in on Mickey and Maddie, she attempts to find some alone time to contemplate what she's done... but Nora shows up and begins to nitpick at her until she learns what happened and to her shock, Nora seems to have no problem with it. Later, when Mickey finally builds up the nerve to confront her in private, the two of them find themselves meeting in the middle and working out a deal to provide a little dirty-time for both of them... but with Nora in the mix, things get off track really fast and Penny discovers a bit too late that she's not really in the driver's seat like she thought. More dirty doings from the nudey resort! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
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Two chicks are home alone and bored...so they intend to amuse themselves with the neighbor guy... But the hostess of the house has a problem by the name of Daria, who keeps sticking her nose in everything. The two chicks decide to teach her a les..., but they are in for a surprise! Dreams soon become a reality for the neighbors! Story & Art by JAG27.
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